The little flower
Children of the world art dollS

                                                                                                                                  Art Doll Master Jack Johnston

In October 2013, the collaboration between Jack Johnston, a renowned Professional Art Doll Maker, and Dr. Florita Bell Griffin, the Creative Director of Little Flower, began to take shape. Driven by her admiration for Mr. Johnston’s expertise in art doll making and his talent for storytelling, Dr. Griffin, based in Texas, reached out to him to share her visionary concept for Children of The World—an innovative and globally-oriented project that aimed to blend education and entertainment (edutainment) for children across different regions. Sensing the potential for a fruitful partnership, Dr. Griffin made the journey from Texas to Utah to meet Mr. Johnston and his wife, Vicky, for a significant dinner that held the promise of laying the foundation for their potential collaboration and the extraordinary venture ahead.

As they sat together at a restaurant in Riverton, Utah, the air crackled with creative energy. Mr. Johnston disclosed that his creative journey had commenced in 1989 when he crafted his very first doll. Embracing the role of a mentor, he subsequently embarked on a mission to share his doll-making expertise, ultimately amassing a dedicated community of followers, and over 38,000 students.  His teaching endeavors spanned across all 50 states, five continents, and an astonishing 4 million miles of travel with Delta Airlines. 

Filled with immeasurable awe and excitement, Dr. Griffin eagerly unleashed a torrent of ideas for her Little Flower project while Mr. Johnston, with his characteristic warmth, attentively listened. In the midst of their animated conversation, inspiration struck, and Mr. Johnston grabbed a nearby napkin to sketch out a concept that captured the essence of their shared vision. Against the backdrop of their shared passion and mutual admiration, the seeds of the collaboration were planted, taking root and flourishing into the extraordinary Little Flower brand that we know today.

The ARC Communications, LLC team was fully aware of Mr. Johnston’s worldwide reputation as a master sculptor, celebrated for his extraordinary and unique art dolls. They recognized his unmatched talent. After Dr. Griffin’s return to Texas, they extended a compelling invitation to Mr. Johnston, inviting him to join their ranks. Their primary objective was to bring a Children of the World Art Doll Series to life, mirroring the success of the Children of the World fine art series they had commissioned years earlier. Undaunted by the significant financial commitment required to engage an artist of Mr. Johnston’s caliber, ARC boldly decided to forge ahead with the project.

In the ensuing months, Mr. Johnston remained steadfast in his pursuit, exhibiting unwavering skill and unwavering dedication. With each passing day, he poured his heart and soul into bringing the Little Flower vision to life, and the results he achieved were nothing short of remarkable.

Employing polymer clay as his medium, he painstakingly shaped and sculpted six unique characters with meticulous attention to detail. Each doll possessed its own distinctive identity, representing different cultures and nations. Mayu from Japan, Binafrikeus from Tanzania, Linnealis from Sweden, Tolafara from Cambodia, Fidelarica from Puerto Rico, and Little Flower from the United States emerged from his skilled hands, each infused with their own charm and cultural significance.

Within the realm of these enchanting eighteen-inch art dolls, a realm where beauty and craftsmanship intertwine, each doll possesses its own individuality and allure. Together, they form an extraordinary collection that provides a tantalizing glimpse into the future projects envisioned by ARC. The organization remains resolute in its mission to seamlessly blend education and entertainment, crafting immersive experiences that captivate and enlighten. Notably, it was Little Flower who paved the way, being the first character to have her captivating story carefully woven and developed.

With an unwavering commitment to reshape the landscape of learning and interaction, ARC stands firm in its mission. Harnessing the transformative power of technology, ARC envisions a future where art dolls become catalysts for immersive experiences that seamlessly merge education and entertainment. These extraordinary dolls possess the ability to captivate imaginations and ignite a thirst for knowledge through their captivating stories and interactive elements. They hold the potential to serve as vessels of wisdom and discovery, captivating both hearts and minds in unprecedented ways.

It is worth noting that Little Flower, the trailblazer of the collection, was the first character to have her captivating story developed and integrated with 2D animation technology. Through her tale, a new era of educational entertainment was unveiled, setting the stage for the remarkable journey that lay ahead.





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