Little Flower® Pitch Deck

Little Flower® brand "Pitch Deck" (pdf)


Little Flower®

Little Flower® is a multimedia art inspired edutainment storytelling brand, with an anti-bullying storyline, that shares universal themes of literacy and goodwill with youth audiences around the globe. The brand is comprised of a diverse product line emphasizing many attributes including literacy, historical awareness, character development, and personal identity. The product series provides a myriad of benefits and its content is applicable in multiple areas, thus offering the flexibility for use in any number of contexts including diversity and equity. These are prevalent themes in American educational institutions and other organizations that focus on youth development.

  • Do you want to teach your students/children/future leaders diversity and inclusion in an academic and socially engaging manner?
  • Do you want to stop bullying and start building young men and women?
  • Do you need assistance explaining current events in America in a child appropriate and inviting manner?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then Little Flower may be an awesome resource for you and/or your organization.  Little Flower combines, literacy, role-play scenarios, and fun, with historical and current events to teach children, youth and adults to embrace diversity in a values-neutral setting. Little Flower is able to relate to all age groups and help them bloom because all of us either have children, childhood memories or are currently experiencing childhood, which makes for a great storyline. Because of Little Flower’s versatility, she is able to customize objective based Diversity and Inclusion trainings to meet the needs of the individual or organization. Download the Little Flower® Educational Review below:

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Little Flower® Educational Review

Little Flower Educational Review Download (pdf)