THE Little Flower Dolls®



The Little Flower Doll is a meticulously crafted collectible, exuding both exquisite quality and meaningful symbolism. Designed for both play and display, this remarkable doll holds a significant place in history. Her red cloth body, as well as her red dress, has been colored to honor the blood shed during the Civil Rights Movement, providing a poignant reminder of the struggles and triumphs of that era.

With her huggable red cloth body, the Little Flower Doll offers a comforting presence that invites warm embraces. Her enchanting brown eyes possess the remarkable ability to open and close, complemented by lighter-colored eyelids that add a touch of charm and realism. Styled with semi-curled black hair, which can be effortlessly fashioned into various delightful hairstyles, she embodies a sense of playful elegance.

The doll features a movable head and limbs, allowing for a range of delightful poses and imaginative play. Crafted from phthalate-free smooth vinyl, her limbs not only ensure safety but also bear a captivating brown skin tone, adding to her unique beauty and authenticity. Adorning the back of her neck, just below the hairline, you will discover the distinctive “Little Flower” signature, serving as a testament to the doll’s genuine nature and charm.

In terms of size and dimensions, the 18 inch Little Flower Doll aligns with the body class of the renowned American Girl Doll. This means that she can wear clothes of the same size and style as the beloved American Girl Dolls, expanding the options for dressing her in fashionable ensembles. As you engage in play or proudly display this collectible doll, her presence serves as a reminder of the historical significance and the enduring spirit of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.


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