Little Flower Artist Movie


The Little Flower Artist Movie is a captivating 2D animated short film, skillfully hand-drawn and inspired by the beloved children’s book “Where Little Flower Got Her Power (2015).” This heartwarming tale was revised and reprinted in 2020 under the title “The Different Deserves Special Club.”

The story revolves around Little Flower, a ten-year-old artist with a deep passion for painting flowers. Her vivid imagination bestows upon her a remarkable artistic superpower: the ability to bring her paintings to life. As her brushstrokes breathe life into the canvases, the flowers she creates come alive and engage in delightful conversations with her. Each flower symbolizes a significant moment or experience that has left a lasting impact on Little Flower’s life. Notably, she shares greetings with the personified Black Poplar, Mugwort, and Almond Flowers, representing courage, happiness, and hope, respectively.

The enchanting world of The Little Flower Artist Movie has garnered recognition at esteemed film festivals. It made appearances at the prestigious Kid’s First Film Festivals in 2018 and 2019, which hold the distinction of being the largest film festival worldwide.

Additionally, the film has graced the screens of renowned festivals in New York, Green Bay, California, and New Mexico, captivating audiences with its charm and artistry.

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